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Enjoy your Puppy Adventure

What We Want

A Partner for Life

Training for all ages and goals

We are happy to help you work with your new puppy until they are trusted members of your household. Whether your goal is to simply have a companion or participate in dog sports we have courses to help you on your way. Have an issue and need to have your dog’s behavior evaluated? We’re equipped to handle cases efficiently.

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Our Services

Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

We have two facilities available for both evaluations and classes. Whether the winter rain drives you indoors, or the perfect weather encourages you to spend some time outside we have you covered.


Build Confidence

Our goal is to educate you and help you learn to train your dog or dogs to become trusted members of your family. We can work with your dogs individually or as pairs, until you feel comfortable with both your and their skills in your home and enjoying adventures.

Enjoy Your Training Experience with Us

We want your experience training to be fun – not only so that you continue your efforts at home – but so that your relationship with your canine partner is a solid, enjoyable experience that lasts you a lifetime. 

Call or text us at (360) 471-4158 or email us at josette@pup-pawsitive.com

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