Puppy Preschool

All puppies need socialization. In our Puppy Preschool classes not only does your puppy get to learn safe ways to meet others and have play dates, he or she will learn how to listen to your commands so you are both safe no matter where you are. Start building a god partnership with your new pal.

Beginning Obedience

Obedience is more than sit and stay. Whether we are working on commands related to walking nicely on a leash, or going to their bed when the door bell rings, these classes are full of fun challenges for you and your dog.

Skills Building

One class is never enough. We all need to practice to make sure that new skills we learn are remembered. Your pup is the same way. Skills building courses add to what you have already learned, while reinforcing those good behaviors we became familiar with in earlier classes.


Looking to start competing, but aren’t sure if the strict structure of AKC Obedience is for you? Give Rally a try. Its just as hard, but the more relaxed atmosphere and approach might be perfect for your team.


Just one of the many dog performance sports, Agility helps you learn to work with your dog at a run, and at a distance. You must have basic off leash control of your dog. Give us a call if you are interested in joining our classes – (360) 471-4158


Temperment testing is important with puppies and adult dogs to help determine if the dogs natural instincts will help or hinder your goals for your new team.

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